Rolando Gonzalez Trevino
After a long and illustrious career, media mogul and entrepreneur, LIC. Rolando Gonzalez Treviño has left behind a legacy that has been each illustrious, and very advantageous not just for the TELEVISION and radio media industry; but in addition for the whole Mexican populace at large.

Coahuila, Mexico– LIC. Rolando Gonzalez Trevino is taking a look again into his illustrious career as mainstay within the media business throughout a mess of domains; he has primarily answerable for the proliferation of modern media use within the country of Mexico, particularly in tv and fashionable radio formatting.

Rolando Gonzalez’s
profession is marked by meteoric rise through the ranks- first noticed Television de Monclova, S.A where he was responsible in pioneering evolving technologies, including cable media broadcast. His immense contribution noticed him being promoted to because the Chief-of-Staff in 1982. His championing trigger for cable TV services did not go unnoticed as a number of states or regions signed up for their services, including Sabinas and Coahuila, the latter of which saw Cable del Bravo. Rolando Gonzalez Trevino acquired the status of Director-Basic subsequently in light of the exceptional successes that he had already been successful in spearheading.

In gentle of the rising recognition of rising demand in cable tv services, Rolando Gonzalez determined to pursue, and establish his personal tv building firm referred to as Telesistema Nacional, S.A. de C.V. By the entrepreneurial initiative displayed by the man, the network grew, and facilitated many upstart cable television channels to accumulate outstanding spots upon both national and state TV circuits throughout the Nineties. He additionally began expanding into the radio business by this level of time, bringing Radio X.E.M.F. and X.H.W.G.R. under both AM and FM radio frequencies respectively.

However, it was in 1994 that Rolando Gonzalez Trevino would set up his lasting legacy within the type of the media consortium generally known as Corporativo Nucleo Radio Television, S.A. de C.V. This is able to type all the key actions that the success, and the influence of the television and radio would stay upon the bigger part of the Mexican populace. It nonetheless runs to this very day, which may be checked out by way of this official hyperlink given:


LIC. Rolando Gonzalez Trevino has established himself by means of his entrepreneurship probably the most influential lives anyone has ever lived in the entire nation of Mexico. Corporativo Nucleo Radio Television, S.A. de C.V., of which Rolando Gonzalez happens to be the Director Common, as well as the Chairman of the Board of Directors, continues to be going sturdy to this very day with numerous channels, and varied domains of leisure below their wing. He was a visionary of the cable tv providers, and had effectively tried to arrange consolidating media shops across all the states of the nation, and would enter into the foray of radio sector within the Nineteen Nineties. He was also accountable in pioneering a number of groundbreaking entertainment applications in the nation, akin to that of the Monclova Magic Bowl.